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Pawned States: State Building in the Era of International Finance

Economic History of the Western World Series, Princeton University Press

Publication date: August 9, 2022


The Divide Over Independence: Explaining Preferences for Secession in an Advanced Open Economy (with María José Hierro). 2021. American Journal of Political Science.

Extended summary at the AJPS website

IEA Award to the best academic journal article on territorial politics, 2021.


Fiscal Innovation in Nondemocratic Regimes (with Isabela Mares). 2020. Explorations in Economic History.

War, International Finance, and Fiscal Capacity in the Long Run. 2019. International Organization.


Protection not for Sale, but for Tax Compliance. 2017. International Studies Quarterly.

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From Mercantilism to Free Trade: A History of Fiscal Capacity Building. 2015. Quarterly Journal of Political Science.

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The Non-Democratic Origins of Income Taxation (with Isabela Mares). 2015. Comparative Political Studies.

         [Online Appendix]


You can find a summary at the LSE British Politics and Policy blog.


Spatial Voting in Spain: Testing Competing Models. 2012. South European Politics and Society (as part of a Special Issues on Spanish politics). Reprinted in Voters and Parties in the Spanish Political Space, edited by Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca and Elias Dinas. 2013. London: Routdlege.

Economic Voting in Multitiered Polities. 2012. Electoral Studies.



Colonial Finance and Political Order

Sovereign Default and Political Survival

Who Cares about Representation in Exchange for Taxation? Experimental Evidence from China (with Xiaobo Lü and Jay Kao) - Revisions requested.


The Origins of the Gender Gap in Political Representation (with Aina Gallego and Ana Tur-Prats)

When the State and Church Clash: Political Legacies of Religious Repression in Nazi Germany (with Leonid Peisakhin)